Sembilan Island

White Rock (30m)
Considered one of the best dive sites White Rock has an abundance of life. Amongst the boulders here you find tube coral, whip coral and barrel sponges that host a variety of life. Possibly the best site to find seahorses, the macro life is amazing here, from large and small nudibranch, to juvenile moray eels, juvenile boxfish and scorpion fish. The big fish tend to be schools of chevron barracuda with common sightings of solitary great barracudas, to blue ringed angelfish and golden trevally’s.

Black Rock (30m)
This site tends to be similar to White Rock but has a lot more schools of big fish due to common currents. You often find schools of queen fish, trevally’s, batfish, Moorish idols, long finned banner fish and commonly some solitary great barracudas. The soft coral is another great place for seahorses and the shallow boulders host many species of nudibranch. This is the best site to see turtles.

Pulau Rumbia (20m)
Rumbia is where muck divers should start to get excited. In the sand here we tend to find the amazing mimic octopus most commonly as well as seahorses and nudibranch. In the shallows you find juvenile bamboo sharks sleeping under rocks which are encrusted with vibrant soft corals.

Pulau Saga (24m)
Saga has a lot of anemones in the shallows which host anemone fish. You find seahorses and nudibranch here. It is a good spot to find juvenile yellow boxfish and the juvenile blue ringed angelfish.

Pulau Nipis (18m)
Nipis is the best site for nudibranch. You find a whole array of sizes and colours here. The shallows have a lot of staghorn coral which has a lot of butterfly fish around it with a lot of Moorish idols, long finned banner fish and blue ringed angelfish swimming amongst the rocks.