Sembilan Island

Sembilan consists of nine islands; Rumbia, Lalang, Saga, Buluh, Samak, Nipis, Agas, Miskin and Nyamuk. All of them are uninhabited, so you will find an oasis of peace. The islands are located nearby the town of Lumut, and also nearby Pangkor Island; a popular travel destination within Malaysia. The boat takes you to the islands in about an hour. Most people visit the island as a day trip.


Diving at Sembilan

It is possible to dive around Sembilan, especially great about diving at Sembilan is that you dive here all year long; no monsoon will affect diving conditions; contrary to the beautiful islands at the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Visibility usually ranges between 5m and 15m, depending on the weather that day. During bad weather visibility may drop rapidly, and the area will also have medium to strong currents. Amateur and novice divers may be best off by choosing a clear sunny day when diving around Sembilan.

How to get to Sembilan Island

There are daily buses that depart from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut; the jetty where you can arrange a boat to take you to Sembilan. The bus is by far the cheapest solution to get to Lumut as it only costs around RM28 (one-way, VIP 4 hour trip). Right opposite of Lumut Jetty is the bus station; so it is only a small walk to get to the Jetty. Also right in front of the jetty are car parks with 24/7 surveillance; where you can park your car for RM10 per day.

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